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Re: natural remedies that helped

Originally Posted by aliya77 View Post
i got a lot better using some natural remedies for my OCD: i used st. john's wort, passion flower and valerian, and E-EPA fish oil with some vitamins (zinc and magnesium). i also got reflexology treatments and bach flower remedies helped me immensely (white chestnut for repetitive unwanted thoughts that won't go away, cherry plum for fear of going crazy, doing something horrible you don't want to do, fear of losing control and agrimony for deep anxiety. you can get bach flower remedies from health food shops.). maybe this could help someone, who feels really hopeless. don't give up! there are lots of herbal/vitamin remedies on market ( i just googled for natural remedies for OCD) that included remedies called amoryn, mindsoothe, purecalm and so on, i didn't use any of them, but reading the testimonials, there were many from previous ocd sufferers, who got help from the products, i don't know if they could help you, too. i know the pain and panic, and i pray you all get better and get relief from this painful disorder.

god bless.

That is very interesting and worth a try. I was wondering if "just because they are from a health food store" are they safe to take all together? Sure wish that they came in one time release pill. LOL
Thanks for the info.