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Smile ?? could I be hyperthyroid

Well folks, I have posted on other threads but here it is again. My hx is left thyroid lobectomy, Aug 2006 for benign nodule. Afterwards was told my thyroid levels were in "normal range "so nothing farther done. Started having papatations, acid reflux. Found H pylori and treated me for many months.Finally was gone but still had/ developed chest pain, tremors, anxiety ect... was told is was malabsorption syndrome which they are still trying to find where and why. Chest pain got worse and was diagnosed with atrial arrythmia, tried to do heart ablation and failed because cardio said it was due to something other than physical problem. Now on verapamil, but still have some pain and SVT issues. My question- tomorrow I go to endo and want him to pursue this hyperthyroid issue because GI Dr. has done every possible test ( including crohn's, celiac) to disprove malabsorptin theory. My symptoms are -
large weight loss of 40+ lbs in 16 months and still losing. Muscle spasms, weakness, tremors, heat/cold intolerance, severe fatiuge, anxiety, depression ( who wouldn't after 16 months with no answer), still have chest pain, atrial arrythmia ( which Dr. doesn't know why ) , palpatations, nausea at times,mental fog at times. What should I ask for to be tested, the regular TSH was done and I was told it was in normal range. ?? thryoid uptake, ultrasound to be sure no more nodules, ?? please help me finally find the answer. Thank you all for your support.

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