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Re: Headaches on left side of head - Occipital Neuralgia??

Hi Jamie and Angela,

Back in Feb 08 I was finally diagnosed with what my Neurogist described as "probable" suboccipital neuralgia.

Headache on the left side of of my head - not sharp - just a constant ongoing dull and heavy pain which began 3 years ago. I then thought I had a brain turmor and immediately had an MRI. I was told it was not a brain tumor. The pain sort of went away except occasionally, then it came back and I had another MRI to compare to the first test and was told your brain change as you get older and there is nothing wrong.... I am 55. finally I had the third MRI just a couple of months ago as I had and still having constant pain with the pressure point seeming to be on the left side of my neck and up and behind the skull. I also have a crackling feeling in the left side of my neck which began recently.

My Neurologist now asked if I want to go through with injections, and therapy although he is not certain that this is what my problem is. I am totally not my self with this headache every minute of the day and know it will never go away. Have you found any medication that will help you? I have not been prescribed any at all. I look forward to hearing from you.

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