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Lightbulb Post Polio And The Mind Game

Hi Janet, cheryl and everyone. When I first started seeing Dr. in 1996 there were many sceptics as I got polio in oct. 1955 the vac. came out in april the same year. The local Dr. told me that in no way never in a million years that what I was going throug had anything to do with polio so loose that thought right now. I saw a number of neurologist who did every test known to man, if i as many needles sticking out of me as they put into my body checking every nereve they all came to the same place, I had no reaction when they tryed to use the shock waves my nereves were dead. But still they told me it had nothing to do with polio. The mind game continued for a while. When the orto.dr. finialy made an appointment for me at Shepherds because they had no clue as to what was going on with me. When I went to the appointment and was called back I walked down a long hall at the end of that hall was a lady watching me walk they took me into a exz. room and did all the things like temp., blood pressure, normal thing. Then this lady that I saw at the end of the hall came in her name is Dr. Hannah Snowball she never ask me if i had ever had polio she told me that I had polio and now I had pps, and that at that time there were thousands of people with pps. They stopped me from working and I had to go back into braces again. The mind game begins. I was taught when i was younger I could do anything i set my mind to and i did just that. For 27 years I did construction worked hard every day as we all did. Now when I found I could no longer work I had a mental block against pps. I wanted to keep doing and going just as hard as I always had done in the past. It's not hard to have a mental block when you have worked all your life to get what you have and don't want to loose it. I put this out of my mind and try to work with pain, getting tired real fast, not benig able to keep up, so i ended up seeing more dr. When they sat me down and showed me what was going on, not just telling me but showing me through hundreds of cases that had seen and had been working with for many years before me, well the light came on. It's easer to have a mental block, rather than to say I have pps. Because it is easer to say it's not happenning to me I know thats what I did. By not listening to the Drs. and my own body I not only did i do more harm to me but also to my family. As I have said before I am hard-headed stubborn, but i know i have to slow down just to have the strength to do the little things. Now when people ask me how ya doing well I just tell them I am enjoying bad health, because that is what I have physcial bad health. So everyone please listen to the people here because we have been where you are right now, and are going through it with you. As we get older it gets harder to get around and when it get cold man every joint in my body hurts. So listen up, parts of our bodys that were not effected when polio struck can now be, I remember people in the iron lung saw many when I went to Warm Springs, now I know of at leat three who never had problems before but now they are on oxygen for the rest of their lives. So don't let a mental block come between you and pps. It can hurt you very bad. I know first hand. So talk to the people here or if you need to talk over the phone let me know i will be glad to because i'm not going anywhere. Ronnie

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