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Re: Post Polio And The Mind Game

Ronnie - You have put it in great words.... So glad you have posted this. It is a long journey we all have- but we can do it. Just like you must know sometimes your mind Does play games and you think this is not happening to me.

When I went to see Dr. Bruno, I said to him - I only had a mild case of Polio- He told me he did not think there was a mild case of Polio- Polio was/is Polio. I think now I truly agree what he said to me.

So- it is so crazy, like today- I had to cancel a doctor appt. and been staying in bed off and on... I just did not have that energy to get dressed, drive to the doctors and such- so I stayed put. It just hits yah like that and you have to learn how to except it. So I am going to lay back down- cause even sitting here typing gets me weak and pain.

Hugs to all Janet (May sunshine fill your days)