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Re: Post Polio And The Mind Game

hi ronnie,janet,and all...i really understand what you're saying ronnie,and hope i know when enough is enough,before its too late...knowing what i Need to do,but Cant do yet,makes it even harder yet too...everybody here has been through the process of actually getting diagnosed with PPS,and i am just in the beginning stages of trying to get diagnosed and documented,so when the time has come for me,i hope to not have unneeded hassles in trying to get on disability,having to get a lawyer...its not so easy to get on disability,and like i said in my last post,so far none of the doctors have even mentioned the possibility of going on disability to me...and too,i dont think i'm denying that i got this PPS,just trying to go as long as i can,if i can,and yes that means working with this pain i know,as i have been so far...i'm trying to build up a social security income to be able to live on,with the time i might have too...but no,i definitely dont want to do this when its too late neither...

janet,when you were going back to school,what were you going to school for? daughter is trying to get me to go to school to become a medical transcriptionist,soooo that i can get out of this work i do,and work from home instead...she is going to do this,so she can work from home...i think i would rather do this if she were doing this too,as she could help tutor me when i need it question is,would i be taking on more than i can handle?...its not like i have to be in classess several times a week,i do have to put in 15 hours a week for the first month,but can do a lot of this online too...i'm just afraid of getting in over my head,but would be a way out for me and still have an income too,and could get away from this physical labor job that i do...well its been a hard day and gotta get to bed...cheryl