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Re: neuropathy

Hi Cream9518, unfortunately there is a lot of neurologist out there that are very slack in trying to find the actual cause of nerve damage, they do the very basic tests and then if nothing is found they will only treat the pain and let the condition worsen, THEY SHOULD refer to neuro's that specialize in Neuropathy as it is a specialized field, they will give the patient the best chance of finding the cause.

Thanks, but i am nearly cured of my PN, thank god, but before finding a proper PN specialist, i was mucked around by so many neuro's that didn't know much at all about PN & one neuro didn't even know what tests revealed what nerves were involved, it was unreal and very disappointing in the beginning, don't get me wrong though, there are some very good neuro's out there but they seem to be few and far between in my experience.

I am not a doctor but have done a lot of research into PN, in what i have read usually any cervical pressure on the spinal cord will affect the upper extremities and lower back will affect the legs, but it is not entirely impossible for cervical problems to affect the lower extremities, but there is so many reasons its mind boggling, many tests can be done by blood and urine tests. best of luck anyway,