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Re: Traumatic Brain Injury

The other postee gave some good suggestions about a physiatrist/physical medicine dr. He or she may also suggest talking with a neurologist to get some medical tests such as an mri and such. A neuropsychologist, however, can do a cognitive (thought process) evaluation to get more of an idea of how the brain has been affected by the tbi if at all. The neuropsych is a (Ph.d level) psychologist who specializes in the brain-behavior connection and typically works with those that have had some sort of head trauma including a stroke ('brain attack'), tbi and alzheimer's/dementia.

There actually are brain injury programs that have a team of specialists including (sometimes) a physiatrist, neurologist, neuropsych, physical (& occupational and speech) therapists. It's not a cure-all, panacea but it can help improve on certain skills to help with daily functioning. Those programs may be found at the local rehab hospital on an outpatient basis as well. The yellow pages may list some programs under 'rehabilitation' or 'hospitals'. Perhaps your family dr can refer you to one too and you can find out if your health insurance pays for those services. Please be well.