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Re: Nasal polyps: can they cause cacosmia/bad smell in nose?

Yes-I may just get another opinion. I should give the Nasonex a chance, but since starting it, nasal congestion is fine, but smell issue persists. It's got its obnoxious game on right now, again, with no reason for why it got triggered. I'm not congested at all. In fact, this is 3 days in a row. I get a break, in that I wake up and it's gone, but then triggers on again at whatever point as the day progresses. I'm not at all surgery happy, but I have to wonder if just even a biopsy might help, like to check if there's a fungus or something, unless that is something that a CT scan would show (which would then mean I don't have that issue anyway!) Well, I need the chance to at least be able to ASK that kind of question, which the ENT I saw didn't make conducive. I also don't think I should go to a Taste & Smell Center unless I've seen another regular ENT first for a second opinion for something that could have been overlooked.