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Any suggestions?

I am 23 and I am watching the TV show Lost and thinking how lucky these people are... I day dream so much these days about living different lives...

I am consistently addicted to a new video game or tv show playing or watching for hours and I think I am just hiding from reality in my mind.

I am recently married with no regrets and I love my wife very much. I think its time that I need to grow up and get involved with whats real making a "real" life but the harder I try, the more my mind wants to retreat out of reality.

I am a college student studying Physics and I find myself going from one addiction to another... first it was school, then it was movies, then it was tv shows, now its mindlessly violent video games that involving shooting everything in sight.

Everything has become so boring and pointless, reality is making less and less sense everyday and I have no idea whats wrong with it. When I was younger, I was told that I was just told that I was too smart for my own good and that I wasn't challenged enough in public school. I have been diagnosed with depression or bipolar from time to time, but they have had so many different opinions and so many different drugs to try that I have lost faith in their diagnosis. I believe there is something really wrong with my mind and I have no idea how to bring peace to it and be content with my responsibilities. Otherwise, I am never going to experience my potential, and be just like every immature kid.

Can someone give me help on how to grow up or just ideas in general how to get excited about life like everyone else seems to be?

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