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Re: Any suggestions?

I suffer from bouts of pure sadness and negativity and when I was younger I would get really hyper and often extremely impulsive. While I do believe I am depressed, I don't believe its the cause, more that it is a side effect. No one really taught me about reality, in fact, I think a lot of people are the same way. If you stop and think about the grand scheme of the universe, everything almost seems to trivial to matter.

I spent four years in the military, and I was unhappy there, but now that I have been out for 9 months, I am no more happy with myself than then, but my life is much less stressful and much happier in general especially with my wife. She is definitely my anchor right now, I just want her to start seeing how strong I can be on my own, be productive, and not appear to be a loser with no ambition in life.

The thing is, I have lost all motivation and ambition for living and its much more complex than slapping depression on as a label.

I am concerned that I might be ruining my life and I can't fix it.

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