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Re: Any suggestions?

When you said that some people said you were too smart for your own good reminded me of those exact words I have heard before with regards to a brother and Sister. They tell me it feel like your brain/mind is going 90miles and hour and you can't seem to grab on to your thoughts at times? Their mind seems to be so far ahead of what they are actually doing or saying that they have to really focus on things to get anything done and when they do something just for fun they have to get so involved to keep the mind on task(to keep it from bouncing from one topic to another) that they almost have to block out any distractions. Brother and Sister are older with separate lives and not particularly close over the years but their brains seem to have that same speed since they were young. They aren't crazy fact have a very high IQ but have to really struggle with keeping their mind at a pace that they can keep up but having a conversation with people or just everyday life is kind of boring and they need to really challenge themselves in their work or hobby. But this may not be the case with you...just a thought. good luck.