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Re: Any suggestions?

Wow, 90 miles an hour sounds about right for my thought process. People hate arguing with me because I can give arguments to the thoughts that I am predicting the other people are about to give me. Finishing other people's sentences even people I don't really know. When I let my self hit that sixth gear, nothing can touch me. It just feels that for the longest time I can't get into first gear. I have been treated for ADD for an entire summer, but to be honest at my age, the mind has learned to cope at the speed of light for too long and when you slow down its really too slow to adjust too. However, as far as being challenged, the only thing in my life challenging is controlling my impulses and bad habits, like I said I am a Physics student. I can do good at everything I have tried in my life. Things I am not good at, don't even motivate me to try harder or to stick with it.

Its like apart of me is still a really small kid. I am even often forcing myself to wake up some days.

Video games, movies, and dvds, are the only thing that grab my attention, or sadly, are the only thing I let grab my attention. Its like apart of my doesn't even care about anything, even my own health.

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