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Re: Any suggestions?

Well then there is nothing wrong with you and others just will not understand what you are saying and the drugs they put you on are designed to stop that 'brain speed' and that is just silly...they truly do not understand because it takes someone very close to you to understand. However, I have been around this most of my life so I can tell you that all you have to do is to just learn how to harness it. I am close to the brother/sister and when they were young they turned to drugs/alcohol to stop the constant struggle in their heads but eventually both got off of drugs and each have managed to challenge themselves. They excel at their work/jobs and hobbies they are always thinking of different ways to do things. I can understand your playing computer games because of the fast pace and challenge. Too bad you got married but I do hope your wife understands your brain is different and when you do finally leave college find a job that allows you to challenge yourself to invent something. I don't know how physics will translate into the real world but it sounds like a good area for you to be in. You above all else HAVE to harness that brain or it will drive you nuts. Learn how to relax without doing anything. And stop finishing sentences for others...LOL that is a tough one because I know you are so far ahead of the conversation. Just know you are not crazy and you don't need medicines you just need to learn to live with yourself. good luck.