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Re: Lump in throat/sent to another Dr/please more advise!!

I am so sorry to hear your having such a problem. I am having tons of problems to and its been going on since last may. So almost a year of this horror. I am going back to dr and I hope to finally get some tests done. Nothing seems to help. Cant seem to eat anything and I am misrable. My mouth tastes of acid all the time with little or no relief. I choke and have coughing fits. My stomach burns. I try to eat right and even the stuff that supposed to be ok to eat hurts. I dont know what to do but I am at my wits end to. I feel so bad for you because it seems there really isnt any relief for this problem. I also worry that I will have this forever, Now its been almost a year. It effects everything my mood my job I just dont know what to do.