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Re: Lump in throat/sent to another Dr/please more advise!!

Originally Posted by lroberts21 View Post
I'm truly loosing my mind.I went to my thyroid Dr yesterday & she said my thyroid was fine.AHHHH,i was hoping that was my problem with feeling this lump in my throat & hard to swallow(even my own saliva) She is advising me to go to a GI Dr now.So lets see from one Dr to the next.I have been to over 5 at this point & now i'm worried my insurance will drop me thinking i'm crazy!! She thinks i might have a muscle problem with my esphogas.I already had the light ran down.THe ENT said all i had was a little acid relfux.There is just no way that is causing all this problems.I cant eat & i feel like there is somthing sitting on my chest & hard to breath.Why would i have to go to a GI Dr & please is there anyone out there that can give me some relief.I'm scared now to think i have to go somewhere else & still no answers.I just want to be normal again.I still cant belive that this has been going on for 5months now.ITs just getting worse with no relief.All of these meds i'm on havent helped at all.Thanks to all who gives me advise,my husband want talk to me anymore about this.So i have to vent & get answers somewhere.My Drs are sending me around & around....I'm in fear this is going to last forever!
I hear ya! Been there, done that! I got a second ENT opinion and I still have no answers. This has been going on for one year now. Both the ENTs I saw referred me to my neurologist because they think a lot of my symptoms are neurological. I have migraine disease also and my LPR symptoms are on the left side, just as my migraines are.My neuro can't find anything wrong either. I have that horrid lump in my throat all the time, too. Dr.s say my throat is okay, no tumors, cancer, infection, strictures etc. I took acid reflux meds last year with no results at all. I am like you............worried that I'll just keep getting passed around and eventually my insurance company will start questioning things. My hubby says that I will not be satisfied until I am diagnosed with something fatal! I try to explain to him that I do not want to feel awful every day of my life and I hate going to the dr. and having test after test done.

I don't have much advice for you. Just wanted you to know I understand how you feel and hope you find answers soon.

Hang in there!