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Re: Lump in throat/sent to another Dr/please more advise!!

I have suffered with this lump in throat feeling off and on for several years now. Doc thought it could be from acid reflux...took meds, no help. Had some tests, all were fine. Do have two tiny thyroid nodules, but not large enough to cause this. Since all the docs say it's nothing I've figured it just must be a muscle spasm. I do get them in my neck and it interferes with the cervical curve so I've just assumed this causes it and try not to let it worry me too much. It IS annoying as sin though. Thankfully I do get relief from it as it comes and goes. Sometimes I have it for months and then it will be gone for longer. Have you tried a muscle relaxer or xanax? I don't usually push meds, but either of these may help relax that muscle (of course if it's not something else).