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Red face Dull lower right side pain

So im not sure how to describe this but ill try my best.

I quite often (well every few months or so) get a bit of digestive discomfort, infrequent stools being he most common accompanying symptom.

A few times now, Ive had a dull pain in my lower right side. It doesnt feel sharp or tender to press down on. Its more of a 'Stretching' type pain when I stand up it seems to be worse. It Kind of feels like a bloatiness but its hard to explain it properly.

Its not extreme or anything, it doesnt keep me up at night and its easy to put my mind off of it, its more of a discomfort. I have kind of ruled out it being anything appendix or gall bladder related as not only is this not really painful, its also not accompanied by any other symptoms other than constipation.

However im a little worried as to what it could be.

Im not sure if its relevat but I tend to drink a bit of caffeine, though ive recently taken a few paracetamol with caffeine for a different issue.

Anyway I really am worried and any advice as to what this could
be, or what I should do would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks alot guys!

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