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Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!

Hi Meljo,

Thank you for posting...I hope you are feeling better soon as well!

I have been sick since the end of January. (many symptoms)...A nurse practitioner tried to tell me it was epstein barr (mono) but it's not. The test indicates it's an old infection.

The bowel issues have been there basically the whole time...the going has lessened but still feel need to go all the time and keep passing just a little bit, or this weird mucus.

Hope you find out your answer soon. I have been to the gastro, but didn't have this weird mucus with stool at the time, so I didn't tell him about it... he said going frequently was ibs and to come back again if it didnt stop...that was a month I am making another appt.

I also have appts with other docs in case it all stems from other things. Being sick for so long is scary.

Hope you are better soon.

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