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Was hypo, now hyper?

My 21 year old daughter has been treated for hypothyroidism (Hasimotos) for 2 years. TSH 5.26, Thyroperoxidase ABY 715. Her TSH has been up and down the entire time.

Her TSH in Jan 08 was <0.01. Her synthroid was cut from 50 to 25. She was tested again in Mar 08 with results of <0.01. Her MD told her to stop taking the synthroid and see an Endocrinologist. We saw one and he said he suspected Graves Disease. He did blood tests and called 2 days later with the results. He says the tests indicate she does not have Graves Disease. She has the classic symptoms of Graves; heart palpitations, anxiety, hot all the time. After doing research on hyperthyroidism, I realize she has been having these symptoms for 9 months. We thought it was just anxiety and panic attacks. The one interesting thing is that after the testing in Jan, she GAINED 20 pounds in 5 weeks. Now the endo wants her to have an RAI scan. I have not read good things about that and am not sure she should do it. None of the research I have done has helped me understand any of this. Here are her most recent test results. Thanks for any help!!

TSH 0.05
T4, Free 2.0
T3, Total 241
Thyroglobulin Antibody Screen <1.8
TSI 1.1

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