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Re: ive got the problem

Originally Posted by SocialWorks View Post
On one hand, it sounds like you're trying to rationalize staying with him by stating that it's JUST the porn and his lack of paying atttention to you. Do you think it will stop? If not, are you willing to continue this way? If not, then how much will it take for you to change the situation? You know what your options are. I get your concern over your debt; I was there and I hung in there with my daughter until it wasn't worth it anymore. I slowly paid off my debt and got the hell out. So, the only reason I stayed was to pay back my debt. Once that was established as my reasoning, all the other crap I was dealing with didn't matter anymore: it was going to be something that I would would to put up with for the time being.

There then came a time when his behaviour wasn't worth the debt I was trying to pay off and I left one day without notice. I learned that I can only change myself and if I'm not willing to put up with someone else's behaviour, then I shouldn't. Whatever not putting up with it means for you, will have to be determined by you.

What would you tell a friend if this was her post?
i would basically tell her the same thing tell her to get out...because it's not worth it to try to change someone when you have for them... but i would say the same thing that you have said..