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Re: Thyroidectomy Coming Up Input Please

Good luck to you with your surgery. I too live in the area. By any chance is your surgeon a woman ent at Polyclinic. If so, I have heard great things about her. What size are your nodules? Did you have an fna?Could I ask why they decided on TT? I am wondering if the endo is going to suggest TT for me due to 7 nodules 2-8mm. and some lymph gland involvement. I have hashi's. Do you have hashi's or was it just the nodules and no thyroid dysfunction?I have read how impt. it is to have a very experienced surgeon to eliminate certain risks to parathyroid glands and laryngeal nerve. Did the dr. talk to you about those risks and put them into perspective? I believe that in the hands of an experienced surgeon those risks are about 1%-this is what I have read .

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