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Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!

It sounds to me you are suffering from chronic constipation which is what I have been suffering from on and off over the last few months.

I think mine is related to my diet, i.e. not drinking enough water and eating the correct foods.

I have had in the past and currently exactly the same symptoms as you. Earlier today I had a strong bowel movement urge, went to the toilet and strained quite hard. Felt like something came out, but when wiping all I had was mucus.

Because of the straining I know I also suffer from internal hemmeroids, which can give the urge to have a bowl movement when they are inflammed. I use stool softners (not laxatives) to help clear my system out, which I do for 5 days for which I am on my 3rd day.

That then usually makes my bowel movements perfect for a while.

I think I also have a problem where even when my bowel movements are perfect, I don't ever seem to be able to clear out the very last bit of stool. Which over time I'm sure this helps towards me developing constipation again.