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Re: Thyroidectomy Coming Up Input Please

I am in Seattle. I am going to an endo on the East side in Bellevue. He is great. I am meeting with 2 different surgeons this week. Both come highly recommended.
I did have a FNA on one of the nodules in Jan of 07. It came back as a Hurthle Cell not cancer though. The problem is they all have a grown in the last year. All three of them have grown about 1 cm. They all are about 3.5cm. I have 1 nodule in each lobe and 1 on the isthmus. I also have hyperthyroidism.
I have a whole list of questions for the doctors this week. What I have read about the calcium problem....I believe that happens more than 1%. In fact with a TT, it is a common occurance. I am more worried about the nerve damage. I do not want to wake up with a trach tube.
That is why I am looking for info from people who have had the surgery. Just want to try to be prepared. I know everyone is different.