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Re: Eye Contact - Aspergers

Hi Kat, Im not sure how that would help, trying to draw focus to your eyes I guess is the goal his speech pathologists wants. I would try to use objects of interests, if you already havents, only use objects of interests. My mother and my son never made good eye contact, they seem to wonder all over as looking into someones eyes for some people can be quite intimidating and push the ability to not focus. Try to make a story line or talk to him about subjects of his interest and use your eyes for expression. Try to grab his gaze with your eyes and keep talking about the interests. Make it friendly and easy at first because you have to start small, you might be able to grab him a few seconds, but thats progress. He will better understand the concepts of it being rude or uncuthe by not making eye contact as he gets older, right now, try to focus on the concept, by looking into your eyes as you tell a SHORT story of his favorite interests, he will get the concept of looking into your eyes and mouth for his answers. He is still quite young and Im not sure how his auditory and speech is, but try to not make it any more complicating than what his abilities are right now. Remember you are building concepts and ideas brick by brick with these children, start small and use your good judgement about when it is time to go to the next level.