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Re: New here and would welcome your experienced input

Let us work with what you have.

You have Graves and Hashimoto's antibodies. You may have a real rough ride ahead of you. Where are your latest levels?
TSH: 3.551 (0.350-5.500)
FT3: 2.7 (2.3-4.2) = 0.4/2.9*100 = 13.8%
T3 Uptake: 27% (24-39) This is showing you are converting T4 at an adequate rate.
T4: 8.6 (4.5-12.0) = 4.1/7.5*100 = 54.7%
T4, free (Direct): 1.01 (0.61-1.76) = 0.4/1.15*100 = 34.8% You have to love the perfect example of the 20% error inherent in the Total T test. You need more supplementation.

OPtimal range is 50-80% of range. You are way to low. You are also converting your T4 well.. but the T3 is low. If you were low in T4 conversion or high.. we would look to adrenals. I am suspecting a poor conversion of T4 to the inactive Reverse T3. The lab code for this would be RT3. You need to go to an Md willing to prescribe T3. The Armour physician locator database can narrow your search. Then let your fingers do the walking and call and consult with the nurses as to testing policies and willingness to prescribe a T3 supplement regime.

Don't go the self order route. Check with your OB. Tell her of your concerns and the positive identification of Hashimoto's. Ask her to run the regular checks. She may be willing to drive your thyroid care. However most would rather an IM or Endo do it. The OB will know how Hashimoto's can affect you and your children if on top of things. This may be a door to getting you to an Endo or MD worth there thyroid salt. Let's take the thyroid by the horns.. get it reigned in.. then hit the other side mess. Hope this helps. Keep up with my weekly thyroid care concerns post and we maybe able to get you somewhere quickly. Ditch the duds. You should be on 50 mcgs easy.


Free Thyroxine Index: 2.3 (1.2-4.9) .. this is a waste of money.. don't worry about pulling this again.

Ferritin is very low: 7 (10-291) - I have recently begun taking Floradix Iron + Herbs to raise this and will be watching it.
Make sure the iron is fumarate, acetate, or oxalate. Oxides and sulfates are just not as absorption friendly and hard on the digestive tract.
Cortisol: 12.9 (3.1-16.7 - PM range) - this was tested in the afternoon, serum
Optimal is 40-60% in range. You are at 66%. This is close enough to the 5-10% lab std upper range. Your cortisol is good.
RDW: 15.6 - high (11.7-15.0)
Bilirubin is high at 1.7 (0.1-1.2) - other tests that I understand to be liver-related are ok - This is due to muscle attack and inflammation. I will have to get back on the RDW correlation.

Remember I am not an MD.. just a chemist and experienced sufferer.
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