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Re: Tight Bladder Neck Urge Rention? 23 YO Now What? I need Help

Originally Posted by UnNaMeD1 View Post
Ok since I was about 13 I have had the urge to urinate almost all the time. I look at how much my friends drink before they go and they all are like man you going way to often. I can drink 5 mouthfuls of water, and be in the restroom less than 30 mins. I wake up twice a night to take a leak, I also feel dehydrated at night. Only now I'm getting the urge more often. I now sometimes feel like it leaks drop or to if I try to hold it. I cannot hold back from urinateing if I have to go I gotta go then. Also once in a blue moon I urinate a cloudy color that feels like needles coming through my penis and bladder neck. I have to litterly message it for like 5 minutes when this happens. The pee is usually clear except morning pee's which is orange colored, which I have to drink lots of water to get the urine flowing again, and get myself feeling good. Cuase usually in the mornings I feel very cold until I start urinateing. Or maybe it's because its cold in the morning anyway I have chills/goosebumps sometimes.

I have been doing so measuring amounts myself. I just grabbed one of those powerade 32 oz bottles. Now listen to this, I have filled one of those bottles almost to the rim so I know my bladder can hold alot. But sometimes I get this urge so bad, and I try the bottle method again to see how much comes out and it's not even a half of cup of urination. Whats going on with it? Surely if I can almost fill a 32 oz bottler once in a blue moon I should be able to hold the amount at all times shouldn't I? Sometimes when I go I have a nice thick stream, then other times it's barely even a stream almost a dribble. Sometimes after I finished I start up full stream again then again Seems like I have to wait for a while and let my bladder refill sometimes and push some more out.

Ok so now Im 23 been going to a urologists for about 3 months now. I have had a urinalyisies at every visit for infection which is negative. First time I had a post void residue test. He said not bad on my post void. Then I was prescribed Detral LA. Which didn't help much still had a urge but seemed to hold alot more urine though. STill a slow stream weak with dribbling, spraying sometimes etc. And alot more of waiting to refill and push whatever is left in my bladder out.

Next visit was a flowmetery said my flow was weak. So I was sent home and was suggested a cystocopy.

Came back again told him i have had some severe Cramping Like a knife being twisted in my lower left side stomach pains which to me consists with diverticulitis. I fall in the floor roll. It last about 15 mins to 30 Which about landed me in the emergency room the last episode. I think my instestines about exploded from pressure. But during these episodes it sends these shocks of pain from the lower left side area down through my bladder and through my penis. Which I have had these attacks on and off since I was a child they may come only once a year then sometimes they may come 2 or 3 times. Then I hear this very loud roaring sounding like a balloon full of water in my lower left side then the bowel seems to break through the blockage then I have a bowel movement WHich doesn't seem to be constipation seem to be a bunch of funny shaped dumps looks that looks to be soft, but I also see what may be some consipation as well within in it, after there out the pain goes away. Could this be related?

I also told him I feel like something is always jumping or contracting near my prostate which makes my urethra jump as well. I guess these are spasms. So he told me to take a leak and come get another ultrasound this time he ultrasounds my kidneys (cause he put the ultrasound on my ribcage on both sides. Then he done my bladder and said your not emptying your baldder completely. I was then put I ditropan which I hated. I was told to come back in two weeks for a cystocopy to stretch my bladder and look inside.

Finally I came back for a cystocopy and finally had it done. I had a cathereter done first to drain it I guess since I didn't have to urinate. I'm not sure they even got it all drained all I felt was alot of poking and pain in the bladder neck area. Then they somehow got that huge scope up through it though. He said my bladder looked normal. But I didn't feel him put any type of fluid to strech it out like he said he was going to do. But they did squirt a huge needle up my pee hole of stuff twice. About 1 minute after inserting the scope I said I felt like I had to pee. So he took it out. Then I was told to pee in a bottle which hurt like u know, and the bottle barely even filled up. Anyway he may have pumped air up there cause my penis like farted jelly like stuff out the next urniation they had suirted up in there. Was that normal?

Then I was told I had a tight bladder neck, and spasms, something about a sphinter muscle. And that if I could empty my bladder completely I wouldn't have the urge nor the leaking feeling anymore. I really wasn't listening cause all I could think about was how bad it was going to hurt to pee again when I got home. I Got prescribed Valium, and was told not to use any other meds he had prescribed. Told to come back in 6 weeks well now 1 week later no difference really, and the stream is still slow at times with low volume, seems my bladder can hold more as I mentioned above. But it's just not. I also asked if this doesn't work whats next? he said will talk about that in 6 weeks.

So whats next for me? Why can I urinate a think solid stream then at other times a small thin stream? Why can my bladder hold alot more at other times, and then alot less at others? Why the first post void not bad, then the second time he said your not emptying your bladder? If this Valium does not help what can be done for me? I've just about lost all hope!

This has seriously ruined my life, I can't go anywhere, I can't enjoy nothing, I've completely lost interests in just about everything. All I wanna do now is sleep. I so badly want to go out and enjoy my early 20's.

Man, I can relate to your story totally, except that I am now 43 and have been dealing with bladder issues since I was about 5. This has been a vexation on my life and I truly believe I could have accomplished more had I not had to deal with this. On the other hand, my symptoms have had a tendency to come and go, or increase and decrease through time, with varying persistance throughout my life.

Let me say that I hope you are in better spirits and feeling better. I have lived through your story plus a bunch of other details which I will tell you.

The bottom line for me is I have a tight bladder neck and may need a surgery called BNI, bladder neck incision, where they incise in two places by cutting at the 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock position and then use a loop to remove the tissue in between. I have chosen not to do this for now because of the side effect, retrograde ejaculation, where semen is forced via the path of least resistance into the bladder instead of out of the penis. This is an undesirable consequence, aside from a 5 day layup with a catheter and 6 week "take it easy"recovery. I am still considering this surgery.

My symptoms are more nagging lately, and vary from day to day. I get that same pain in the left side and it does increase if I eat alot and a full colon corresponds to a full ureter. The ureter is involved in urinary reflux. The syndrome begins with a tight bladder which leads to urinarary retention and because of high pressure some urine can be forced back up into the ureter.

In my case I have had all this going on but have stayed healthy and strong, while miserable and depressed. Most of my friends dont even know I have a problem because I look healthy. I've had many different diagnoses, most correct and many treatments. It started as a UTI as a child, with blood in urine. Later in life I developed calcium stones in my prostate ducts, which were removed a few times by cysto, and also times when chunks of fibrin, a white waxy susbstance came shooting out. These bouts can cause low grade infections that can cause chills and make you feel miserable, but not so bad you can't function, mostly.

My condition was treated as a child repeatedly by my family doctor and also by a urologist, essentially they gave me antibiotics which were effective for a while, then at 23 I started seeing a urologist every six months. He kept me on antibiotics for years for a problem I understood to be prostate stones which were not removable. He did urethral dilations in his office whenever I felt tight down there.

Then one day, I couldn't pass water at all and went to the emergency room. There were stones blocking my passage. He subsequently removed the stones using a cystoscope and opening the ducts with ballons. Once the stones were gone I felt much better for a few years then started having symptoms again. This time he removed stones again and did a resection of my prostate. After I recovered from that, I felt great. For a long time I had no symptoms and never did I have any sexual malfunctions. I managed to father 3 children throughout the years, and I think my semen volume increased after prostate resection.

After UTI's and prostatic calculi, my diagnosis became urethral stricture. This led to more dilations, which probably led to eventual scar tissue in my bladder neck. Or perhaps its been the problem all along and led to the stones and now reflux. Its now persistant in that I feel the urge to go too often and a dull pain in my left abdomen and sometimes flank pain. My urologist say the surgery will cure me forever except with retrograde ejaculation. I also fear incontinence, though most of my sources say its not likely. If I felt any worse I'd do it tomorrow, but I feel just not terrible enough to interrupt my life and take the risk.