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Re: New here and would welcome your experienced input

Given the TSI and TPOAb that you have... it is a high probability. I can not give you stats on this.. I can give you the following information. Graves and Hashimoto's are thyroid autoimmune disorders. The inherent familial dependence in female off spring is 80%. So if Graves comes down one family line and Hashi's down the other. You are screwed and almost guaranteed to get one or the other or both. Case in point.. My maternal grandmother was Hashimoto's with many other AIs and my mom's paternal grandmother/great aunt Graves. She is one of 5 sisters and 3 brothers remaining out of 13. My mom is the oldest of the five. She has Graves and Hashi's. Next sis in line Aunt B1 Graves and Hashi's, Aunt B2 - Hashi's, Aunt R -suspected Hashi's, and Aunt N - Graves. Scary huh? My mom's Paternal aunt and cousin.. Graves. Maternal issues Hashimoto's. This generation of guys was spared.. but we are suspecting Hashimoto's in Uncle L. He is working on getting it checked. It is supposedly rare.. but it happens. If the genetic predisposition is there you, your children, and their children's children have to watch out.

You should look to a DO with a internal medicine specialty or an ENT. This would be your best bet to get all your specs. If you have swallowing issues and palpable growth of the thyroid.. go with the ENT. For general care and concerns the DO may be best. If I didn't need so much medication antibiotic and otherwise I would have went that route. Unfortunately the alternative med route.. doesn't do well by me. My body tends to require the shotgun at close range medicine approach. Hence going with the MD in an integrative medicine practice.

Well I hate to tell you this but you are going to need a good MD. One that will at least write the labs for you and read them. You could check for an academic hospital free clinic near you for routine care and blood draws. If there are teaching hospitals near you, you might be able to qualify for an endocrine study and get things covered that way.

Good luck and stick with us. We will do what we can.
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