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Re: Mystery Diagnosis

Yes it sounds very familiar! When my dad(age 90 at the time) accidentally fell...I saw him trip, fall and hit the front of his forehead and within hours he was someone else ... extremely confused and combative. I sat up all night with him ..he could not sleep and was extremely restless until morning with some symptoms calming down. Took him to the doctor first thing and he was diagnosed with a slight concussion however if I had not just happen to see him fall none of us would of really of known why he was so strange. The concussion cleared up and he was back to his normal self but then he fell again and again and eventually a fall caused a brain lesion and was bleeding into the brain. Just that lesion caused him to be weak and unable to walk and very confused and that never stopped and he had to go to a nursing home. As for your dad...I am guessing whatever caused that lesion is what is causing him all those symptoms...I don't know if that will heal for your dad?..what do the doctors say? I am sorry for all that is happening to your world because he is still so young. good luck.