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Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx

hi to cut a very long story long sorry short lol,
i have had a thyroid problem for atleast 2 years and a pretty unstable one aswell when i have to raise meds i have to do it in qauter pills as they are to strong for me and im so sensitive , last exmas i went very over active and have thyroiditis really bad flare ups, i had swollen glands for along time and i always have a goiter i have one singal nodule on left lobe but small 3mm, small but i asked for a scan as it was hurting axactly where they found the nodule?? but they said it was way to small to worry about??? so it is doing something, anyway i always feel cold and flue like i have bloodshot eys and at the moment i feel overmedicated again at a tsh of 0.44 they dont very often do the t4 or t3 , the thing is it swings , im going back for another scan but my drs think i am the biggest pain ever and i have to beg for the last test . im at my wits end is it noraml to have all theese chest infections and to feel ill all the time i have temp and red eyes im 38 and feel like i cant cope anymore with this horrible illness i have 3 small kids to look after and i cant even think about working ??? , if its hashis making me have theese thyroiditis flare ups will they stop ever whren the thyroid aventually dies or maybe im over medicated and need to drop abit, i have a very unhappy thyroid at the momnet and it is often a goiter is thsi normal for hashis and if so mayeb mine will die asap rip mr thyroid thanks so much for reading love kat hi to all i missed you
ps will i ever get my life back please has anyone been through thisxxxx

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