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Re: Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx

I am so sorry this is happening to you and you are having to fight for care. Join me and others on this thread, it is what we are fighting for and I check it regularly. I can also sympathize. When we feel like crud and excrement we should have to be made to feel like ofal on our MDs shoes.

In my opinion if I am viewed as MD shoe ofal, he better slip while stepping on me and bust his own backside! Back to point and your questions, but the tactful rant felt GOOD.

1) Getting the Ultrasound is a good thing. If you have a nodule/nodules of ~1 cm they should be under the observation of an ENT who performs US targeted ultrasounds every 6 months. Anything less is not optimal care. If you have a sudden constriction.. inability to swallow with out things getting caught.. etc.. you need to go to an ENT at that time.
2) If you have Hashimoto's it can be determined by antibodies and in the rare false negative case, a biopsy.
3) If your thyroid is dead and no longer storing T4 in its tissue.. yes symptoms should subside from antibody destruction and release of stored hormones.
4) How long? Depends on how high your antibodies are and active the destruction is..
5) Some feel better having the thyroid removed and can thus be medicated easily. Some have issues because the thyroid lords determine T4 only when T3 needs to be looked at or adrenals or pituitary function. It is all interconnected and when one wall falls down.. it is easier for the others to go.
6) Chronic chest and sinus infections are common with poor sleep and a compromised immune system. You have to battle allergies, illness and try and keep things as optimal as possible. An ENT may be abe to help you here.
7) Use your children as your strength. They need their mommy and love you unconditionally.. giving them what they want is a BONUS! Then you are ultimate COOL mommy. My son has been my driving force to make me get the care and not give up when the first 5 MDs told me.. your normal.. nothing is wrong. Well tell that to my 2000 some odd thyroid antibodies and dead adrenal glands! Whoops! Sorry that just spilled out. *sighs*

So what is going on now? Fight for getting your GP to pull a TSH, Ft3, Ft4, and TPOAb and blood chemistry panel. Make sure you know what your B12, Ferritin, and vit D are... Depending on the Ft3 adn Ft4 balance additional blood work may be needed. Get an ultrasound of the thyroid and an uptake scan if the US shows odd vasvularity and blood flow. If your node has grown.. request a biopsy. If they are going to do a biopsy.. the Antibody blood work is redundant. You can and will get through this. You have to. You can not let that little pain in the neck rule you.

Come over to that post and read.. i go into detail with Hashimoto's and its.. quirks. I am sorry that you are having a bad day and hope that things turn around. I quick way to determine if you are hyperT and need a temporary dip in meds. Check your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature morning noon and night. If you are not sick and you have a temp 99+ then you may have too much T3 in your system and need a slight decrease in meds for 2-3 days. HR climbs to 95+ Well you are getting into the tachycardia range another sign of hyperT. The symptoms indicate what you are going through.. but it is the blood work that tells the full story and supports your symptoms. A TSH less that .4 will definitely inspire hyperT symptoms. What was your last T3 and T4?

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