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Re: Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx

you little star, do you know that you have given me more help and advice than my drs have the whole time i known them and that beetween them all,
today the tsh had come back i had to beg for it cos there were only 4 weeks beetween them and it proved i was 3 places in 4 weeks oh im swinging the dr proceeded in telling me that my anxiety clouds my judgement on all the tests they have to keep doing for me , but actuslly she was annoyed cos i got it right and she was wrong cos she had egg on her face she was angry , and said basically i was alooney and had been straining my surgery for tests, by the way i have had tpo and trab that were positive not likely they will do anymore ??? and i paid for a t3 once they have done a t4 twice even though it swings they dont feel the need to know my t4 or t3 well they dont even know how t3 works >>>
yes i shall ask for a biopsy but if its still to small im not going to get any more scans thanks mg for everything i do have my kids as my inspiration but ive had along time of crap and if its doing this much harm to me maybe its better off out or maybe rai???? instead of surgery i cant work or do anything i hardly wash my hair falls out anyway whats the point ive lost so much of my life i dont hardly leave the house i buy my kids lots of things and send my freinds and partner to the swimming and expeditions but im so sad right now i have severe toothe ache and to top it think im going hyper!!!! if i could have had a limb cut off instead of all this 3 years ago beleive me i would so thanks mg youre a star for aring and writting me all that post big hugs to you and youve made me feel much better and have more hope love from katxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwhat am i going to do, can i consult with you next bloods i think the last tsh was 0.44 actually may have said that wrong before and i shall post my next one, and wait for the scan i wonder if the bad bottom tooth is making it much worse goiter?????hugs katxxxxxxx

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