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Re: Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx

You are welcome. You are also not alone. We are here and that is a world wide supprt network.

So it felt good being right, huh? Nothing like making an MD eat crow. Some are poor losers. I stick with the MDs that see me as a valuable partner and source of information my care.

You feel free to ask my input on any labs at anytime here:

Also I want you to start doing something for me. Look to the above listed post and there is toward the end a long list of hyper-hypo symptoms that I use. There is also an explaination of Hashimoto's flares there in detail as well. What you are experiencing is very common. Beta-blockers will help with heart symptoms.. skin and other issues can be managed with creams, steriods, and antihistamines.. however you need an MD willing to help you through it an not call you a Wack job.

Your MD should be glad I have not darkened her door. You are far from looney. If anything you are distraught from inadequate care! Incompetence makes mood swings, depression, and anxiety WORSE! If she wants to help you.. then she should help not add stress and angst to your LIFE! Okay. *takes a deep breath and lets it out* Much better.

I am concerned about the hair loss. Has she noted anyrhing for it? Has she checked your ferritin, B12, and vit D levels? If these are good.

Ferritin 70-90, B12 40-60% of range, Vit D normal.. then it has to be thyroid or adrenal in nature. I will get to adrenal hairloss in a minute... in a separate post.

Right now. Treat yourself. A good soak in the tub, your favorite meal.. relax. We will help where we can. Everyone desire basic thorough care: Mind, body, and soul.

If we learn by our mistakes, I am working on one hell of an education.