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Re: Its not emetophobia, but I'm not sure WHAT it please? :)

Hi there- i am the same as you- feel morbidly horrified about it- when i see car doors open on the side of a motorway for eg i feel just a bit panicky incase some one is throwing up. Saw a woman who actually was throwing up a while ago and couldn't stop thinking about her- what was wrong, why she was sick etc etc- kinda gets bigger than it needs to. Also feel anxious watching those tv home videos <BECAUSE> there is often someone throwing up!! the sound is awful too!!
I am sure it would be really helpful to seek some therapy or counselling- i haven't for this particular fear of mine as it is one of many and it doesn't cause too much of a probLEM...well not most of the time!! ( i don't mind animals throwing up either! what is with that??!!)

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