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I do have a question. I am 38 F and have been a thyroid meds for 16 years now......I read alot and find I have the same symptoms as everyone else at times BUT alas my thyroid doesn't seem to want to settle. My situation now is....I am on synthoid 137 and have been level there for over a year and now I seem to be on a swing again. My TSH is creeping. It went from 6.3 to 24 and I ending up in hospital and they drew blood again. I seem to have "perfectly healthly" blood, other than my TSH is now 51. They increased me to 150 mcg. I have not been out of bed really for almost 2 weeks.Today is the first day I can even think. My dr is sending me back to another endo. My question is does anyone else seem to have a roving TSH? It is no doubt the answer to why I have no energy, very dry, hair falling out, tired, sleep most of the day, muscle spasms, numbness, tingley and chest heaviness. Oh and a new thing is the huge boils??lesions or whatever you want to call them on my face. They removed a few and now say I have roscecia (sorry spelling) I just want to know WHY I am level for 5 years and then it goes crazy...level for 3 years and then crazy......Is it possible the thyroid is not the problem...maybe it is the symptom.... Just tired and needing to know I am not alone.

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