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If you are in the US or UK, by law they can not deny you your records; I believe that the Canadian NHS is modeled after the UK one and thus the same holds true. I am glad that my post has helped. I am the professional student type (2 masters and working on the Ph.D) with MDs in my family and circle of friends. I refuse to see my MD relationship as anything less than an equal partnership. I am ground zero and KNOW what my body is doing.. even if I do not know the exact reason why. If they give me leway to research and run the tests I ask.. I am right 95% of the time. It is not rocket science to treat someone! It is a matter of keen observation to family history, environment, and symptoms. In many cases MDs are so busy.. triple booked and just want to grunt and toss pills at you or brush you off. It is in a sense our job to make certain they see us as more than cattle. Seriously, think of mill about in the waiting room.. when called you get shuffled down the shoot to your stall in the barn.. the Farmer comes in and takes what he wants.. pats you down and back out you go. Many treat us as no more than talking cows. MOOOO! Sorry I couldn't resist. I used to try and be sympathetic to the MDs and their schedule. But I have spent too many three hour waits in the lobby and more waiting in a room for a 5 minute. "You have a sinus infection.. what antibotics do you want? Okay here you go." Now that this Hashimoto's has manifested and I spent five years treating the symptoms because all said I was too young to have a thyroid issue.. I will not tolerate an MD telling me it is in my head, or I am not happy. It has nothing to do with being happy or mental. It does have to do with me being angry at the suffering my mom and her sisters faced.. at the possible issues my son may face due to them not testing me during my pregnancy when i asked them TWICE.. at the complications I have suffered as my MDs did all t hey could to treat the symptoms while the source of those symptoms just got worse. SO, IF anything I am intolerant of incompetence and the more I hear here and speak to MDs it makes me wonder just how qualified they are to treat people's health.

If you learn as much as you can.. and you can learn all you need about thyroids. You do not need to know the exact mechanisms.. knowledge of the general function and your own body will tell you all you know and support the blood work findings. You are not alone, I wish thyroid incompetence was less common.. BUT it is not. You are now in a position to educate yourself, fight for your care and the care of those around you. Stick with us, we can learn from and teach each other.

If we learn by our mistakes, I am working on one hell of an education.

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