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Re: Post Polio And The Mind Game

Hi ronnie53,'guess you can tell Im another newbe,I don't yet know how all this stuff works,but I'll make it like always.
I had polio when I was only 3 monts old. My dad said they wouldn't accept us at the hospital where we lived, he had to take me several hundred miles to the othr end of our state. I guess people were scared and who can blame them?
i've used crutches all my life, undergone God knows how many surguries, braces, and a world full of ignorant people.
I'm not being mean or acusatory toward them, it's just that that they don't understand. All of that, now I just a few days ago discovered what has been happening to me.
It's the first I heard of PPS. It is an awful shock to someone who, like you has always been almost unstopable when you find you can't do it any longer
Although I had to use the crutches, I've always made my own way. Now that is getting more and more difficult.
I guess I'll see what happens next, this is like a war, you never know what's next or where it will come from.
'Guess I've spouted off enough for now, but I'm really glad to have found this site so we can shre our stories,rants, worries,curses, and even blessings with others who know and understand.
Bye for now------------Phill