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I am sorry to say. I have been so sick over here. I crawled into my dr. on Monday and he determined the meds the hospital put me on are reacting with my thyroid. He said GET OFF THEM. First he said it looked like I was swinging to Hyper and then when he looked at my meds. I really like him he seems to know what he is doing BUT unless I am half dead he will not make a move he just sends me to an endo which take 6 months to see here.I am still waiting for a replacement for the endo I saw 2 years ago that retired after seeing me once. He is in a walk in and apparently can't admit me to hospital either aaarrrggg. He did run all new blood work to see what is going on. He wants to compare with the hospital blood work. Since stopping the antibiotics I am slighly better but now have bright yellow (can't even call it the runs, because it is just water). Do you know anything about drug interactions? The hospital also had me on advil and T-3's.....I have quit all accept the synthroid 150 and the symbacort for the asthma. I think the drugs kill you more than the pain. Any ideas?

I hope you are doing ok. I was reading your fantastic long diagnosis. I think you should specialize in thyroid treatment when you get you PHD. I notice alot of people have the same issue of being sent to all these specialists. I have been to an interist, endo, gasto,gyno. I wonder why there is not a thyroid specialist.....or am I just behind the time.