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Re: Changed To Synthroid

you got the burning muscles in your back, neck, shoulders I get that when I am hypo I do have some burning leg muscles and also weakness in the arms and legs.
I haven't done much today I feel so guilty just sitting around the house.
If I wouldn't have my work I would go crazy, I can't wait until my husbands comes home tomorrow.
You know this sounds crazy and I won't do anything like this but when I came back from the grocery store I set in my car in the garage and I thought about when people end their lifes by inhaling fumes from the car. Gosh isn't this awful to even think about this.
went back in the house and hugged my doggies and said to myself DON'T GIVE UP.
you will be fine again.

I guess not having enough hormones can mess you up pretty bad.
still tired but hoping for a better day tomorrow.