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Re: Changed To Synthroid

Originally Posted by mauz View Post
Good morning Liz,

Are you feeling any better today ?
No change yet for me but it is only my second day.

talk later
Hi Pia,

No change at all - I took half of the Synthriod and will take the rest later. I have been trying to do a few things around here - like clean up the plants in the window, write bills, etc. If I walk around much, I have to lie down - it is the pits. And walking around I feel really yucky.

On a better note - I will try to condense this. I used to go to a pain clinc for my migraines and it really helped me - they worked on myofascial pain - muscles and trigger points and it was about the only thing that worked at all. Anyway the main woman who runs the clinic is a bike rider and was in an accident a few years ago and not able to do this work any more. A tragedy for her and her patients, like me - not to have any relief. There are a couple of others who work for her, but she was the only one who helped me.

I believe God works in mysterious ways - she called me this morning to see how I was doing. I went into my tale of woe and she told me she had something similar after her accident and was going to an endo plus this woman MD who sounds like the hormone doctor you mentioned - who works on all of that thing - hormones, pitituary, etc.... said that doctor did blood work and she is on a hormone cream that she just rubs into her arms or something and she is like new. Is was on Synthroid, but is on Armour now and doing great. She sent a couple of others to this woman and they said she saved their lives more or less. She wanted to know if I wanted her to call and get me an appointment - but I begged off for now. It is a lot to digest. I said I just started with the endo and he didn't prescribe Armour. She said it was her hormones that caused her to have heart racing and she had all those heart tests I had and the same thing. She said she would sleep for hours and hours and have to take a nap. Now she is doing wonderful and so are the others she sent there. I don't know - I am starting with this endo - but I don't think this Synthroid is helping yet AT ALL. I guess I should wait for my next visit and see what happens. This woman doctor does prescribe Armour. It is hard because starting to mess around with changing drugs - but hey -I feel like crap. Anyway, she also told me that she was back to working a few hours every day and would definitely be able to work on me for headaches - and that was a gift from God all by itself as my headaches have been worse and worse.

So, I had a good morning - although I feel bad. I cried through most of the call to her - she is a wonderful woman and I believe called just at the right moment.....a gift from above.


I woke up hoping to go get my hair done - as I learned my hairdresser is having knee surgery next Thursday and won't be back for a while - my hair needs everything. But haven't really got myself "up" to go out - then I got her call - so it is a good day just because of that.