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Re: Changed To Synthroid

Originally Posted by mauz View Post
This is what I would do.
Find out how long it takes to get in with the new doctor.
If it takes 2 or 3 weeks make an appointment you can always cancel it.
Go to your endo and see what he says , I don't think you will be fine without adding T3.
remember a second opinion won't hurt. Make sure you get all your copys of your labs.
The good thing is if you decide to go to the new doctor you have all the blood work already done.
I already called the lady hormone specialist and I can get in within a week so if I don't feel better over the next 2 weeks I will go, I do have all my labs and that makes it alot easier.
You will be fine soon, Hang in there

Hi Pia,

Good advice. The lady that called me from the pain clinic said she would call to see about getting me an appointment if I wanted since she is a "kinda doctor/therapist". I asked her if it took long to get appointments with this woman and she said "not too long" - but I don't know what that meant as I couldn't stop crying. It was so weird - but she said "I know just what you are going through". Yes, I should get all my blood work done at the endo - but I am not sure if this woman checks different hormones or what - but doesn't matter. Good advice......I want to talk to my husband when he gets home too. He is golfing.

I guess you will have to wait a little while to see about the T3 kicking in - since it is supposed to be fast.....I hope it works. At least I feel like there is another option - I thought the endo was my option - but we will see what happens with adding T3...or whatever.