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Re: Changed To Synthroid

Originally Posted by mauz View Post

wait and see what the endo has to say again have them do all your labs and make sure you request the FT3 and FT4 they are the most important tests you need to have.
He might be open to adding a little T3 if you need it, so you need to give him a chance.
You can always go to the other doctor if things don't work out.
Either way there is no quick fix it will take some time and in 2 weeks you get your new labs and it will show what is going on with your thyroid.
At least now you know you have another option and that is very good to know.

take care

I totally agree with you. I have to at least see what happens with my next bloodwork and doctor's appointment. He does seem open to trying things since he was willing to up my dosage to .88 just by my phone call and also OK'd me taking the vitamins - selenium and zinc. I will call a couple days before my labs and ask that woman that I talk to and seems knowledgeable about the FT3 and FT4 blood tests - and she will talk to him so that when I go they will order that. At least we both have some kind of plan. You are trying new meds and have a plan and I have something in my mind. One real blessing is that the lady at the pain clinic can work on my headaches again and I won't have to sit for 4 days with a headache next time hopefully. That in itself is heavenly. It was always so sad for me to know that she could no longer help me. She has been blessed as the accident was really bad and she went through hell.