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Re: Changed To Synthroid

Originally Posted by mauz View Post
Hi Liz,

Well I don't want to say it but I do feel a little better today I do have more energy I am cleaning my house.
I will stick with this combo for at least 6 weeks so I know for sure if it works. I don't want to keep changing meds all the time.
I hope you are feeling a little bit better , I am happy you found your pain lady again and she can help you with your awful headaches.
I just read on another board that headaches can come from thyroid problems so maybe when you find the right meds your headaches will never come back.

take care
Hi Pia,

How wonderful that you feel a little better - I would even like to say I could clean house - which I hate Yes, the fact that the lady from the pain clinic can work on me again is a God send for sure. Yes, I have had a lot more headaches since the thyroid thing got bad - used to be once a month - or less - but now I think the stress of this makes them come and stay. I used to have a lot and went to the pain clinic a whole lot - but she could get rid of them a lot faster than days and days.

I know what you mean - I have only been to the endo once and he changed me to .88 - and I absolutely feel no better AT ALL. But I guess I can tough it out two more weeks for blood work and then another week to see him - seems an eternity - you know what I mean by that!!!! But if I go to someone else and she wants to put me on something else or hormones or Armour or something - what am I going to do with the endo - and how do I know what will work. It is another frustrating issue - but something out there if he can't help me....and that is good, as you said. I still have an appointment on June 2nd with the endo that my MD recommended and that was the first one they could give me - remember? I have to cancel, but was keeping that in case. But I can't do that as it is too close to when I see my endo - May 21st. Surely somebody can help us!!!!! I hope this is the turning point for you....I pray.


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