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Re: Changed To Synthroid

Originally Posted by mauz View Post
cancel the June 2nd appointment with the other endo, if your endo doesn't work out I would go and see that lady.
Don't drive yourself crazy with thinking about switching meds, for now you have to give your current meds a try. I think it all depends on what your endo is going to do on your next appointment again you have to give him some time and a chance to work with you.

You will be fine soon !!

I will cancel that appointment for sure. I do have to give him a try as I have only seen him once. Will see what happens next time. I can't do anything but hang in there, I know that. At least if I get a headache, I know I can go to the pain clinic and it will help some...that is a break. Just got over a 4 day one - you know that. Muscles are still sore - but sometimes if the pain clinic lady works on my muscles and I don't have a headache - the muscles rebound and I get one. This particular woman knows that though - so that is why I missed her so much. It is really best to go there with a headache if you can get appointment. She has always been so wonderful to me and even when she was at home which isn't far from her office - she would come in to work on me. Of course, I paid for the visit - but still she didn't have to be that accessible. That is why I missed her so much - but she can now help me so that is a blessing.

Thanks - glad you feel better,