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Re: Prayer for Strength

Gosh Diet,,,,,,,,,,, I am wiped reading it not to mind how you are feeling.....
It really is a wait and see, Fused or not fused,,,,,,

I can relate to what he is saying about feeling pain more than others. My pain management guy asked if I feel pain more than others..... I just looked at him and felt like saying how do I know how much pain they feel !! but knew what he meant.... he said that my nerve ends were over sensitive, and i would feel pain more than a "normal" person. He said it was like losing an arm but still feeling the pain in the arm.

You said your body is going to the left when you walk...... Is that just since the other day? or is it because of the pain you are in, that you find this side easier? or is it you just go that way? If you are using a cane/crutch/walker do you normally lean to the left with it aswell, sorry I am just thinking as I am typing..... just wondering did you always go to the left unknown to yourself.

Sorry I know you are not able for all the questions, I just find the walking to one side interesting as I tend to favour one side more than the other. Diet there are alot of answers really and I can see where you are coming from with a postive outcome...... but yet again its a waiting game. You must be mentally and physcially worn out from all of this.... please God they will able to orgainse the CT Mylegram soon, and get this sorted, and not keep you hanging on. Diet all I can say is you are in my thoughts and prayers. This maybe the answer.