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Wellbutrin has cured my binge eating!

I used to have a horrible problem with binge eating. I felt like I had absolutely no control over food and whenever I felt sad or angry, or sometimes just for no reason at all I would binge eat. I was binging up to 2 or 3 times a week or more. It caused me to gain about 30 pounds within 6 months. I was miserable because I was depressed and then the added weight from binge eating made me even MORE depressed.

I finally got the courage to talk to my doctor about was going on and he prescribed me wellbutrin. I thought at first that it was not going to work, cause I was pretty much sure than nothing could stop this horrible cycle of binging that I felt I had no control over.

Well now I have been on wellbutrin for about a month and I have only binged twice since then. When I did binge eat those couple of times, it wasnt nearly as bad as I used to, and I felt like I had the power to stop.

I am so happy that finally something has worked for me. I have already lost about 5 pounds just by not binge eating and not having the intense cravings for sweets I used to have. Has wellbutrin helped anyone else with binge eating or any other antidepressants?

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