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Re: Clean but Depressed PLEASE ADVISE

Norco, Good evening. I don't usually respond because I myself am new to being sober. But I see no one else has responded, so I'll give this my best shot. The first thing I'd suggest is trying everything you can to get up and get moving...I did the same thing..lying in bed..Whengot up and moving my energy came back to me. It wasn't fast but it came back. Everyday I did a little bit more. Mind you I struggled but I kept thinking..if I don't move myself..who praytell will move me? Congrats on being sober. 14 days is HUGE. I'm so happy for you. Was your Doc aware that you were quitting cold turkey? As I've been reading they seem to taper off the Subs. I was only on them to detox, so I don't have much experience with that. Look around on the different posts and gather all the info and support you can. From what I've read it takes about 10 -14 days to come off the Subs. So just take it as it comes,don't let anything stand in your way,and you'll pull through. I have faith in you. As for your hubby..perhaps he could go into the family board here and read some of the posts there. He could pose some questions and I'm sure he'll get some good answers. I guess for me the most important thing was staying positive. I wouldn't listen to anyone that had negative things to say. You're in control remember that. And you CAN do this. Stay strong.

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