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Re: Any info on the throat scope?

I've had it done and it's a piece of cake. So easy. They spray your throat with a local numbing agent and you feel nothing whatsoever, no gagging at all since the spray makes it so comfortable so no gagging, zero pain, nothing, it's very easy. Honestly I find throat cultures way more annoying than a scope since I gag while having throat cultures. This scope is nothing to worry about, you feel absolutely nothing.

I also had a stroboscopy done last week for my hoarseness and that was easy too, they numbed my throat for that as well. It ruled out bad things like muscular weakness as well and all was fine and basically the speech pathologist said my hoarseness is due to GERD since she saw irritation in my upper esophagus and TMJ related since amazingly she noted that my voice gets slightly crackly when I turn my neck to the right (the side that hurts the most) so she blamed my muscle tension on that side which of course relates to TMJ as the cause of my hoarseness, or a contributing factor.

What kinds of symptoms do you have with your voice? Does your doc suggest TMJ as the culprit?

But yes, nothing to worry about with the scope and it's over in less than 5 mn, it's so easy.

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