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Re: Clean but Depressed PLEASE ADVISE

friend, today was even worse. I got up after sleeping well, got the boys up and took them to church. wife stayed home. She's not much into it. I want the boys to have some kind of religion until they are old enough to decide for themselves.

I hadn't been to church since my dad died in 2007 and it felt GOOD and right.

I get home and wife tells me that Wife 1 had called to report that a roof shingle had ripped off and now there's a water stain above the main bathroom. that ws IT.

I almost started having a FIT...helpless, depressed, anxious...etc...crying uncontrollably. wife held up hand STOP and I was really po'd that she wouldn't just let me get it out the way i want.

I went outside to call my sister. she listened and said she agreed with my wife --- maybe I need to "go somewhere" for a week and get some intensive therapy treatment. I got very sad and scared about that. I kicked the Norco, why (like you said) aren't I feeling better several weeks later?

I called the ex and asked her to take the boys for the remainder of the weekend, as I just felt like I was having panic attacks....we have a good relationship so she said yes but she was worried about me.

My older boy, the intense one asked me if I was ok, and hugged me. I told him that sometimes grownups get said...just like he did before medication...

I'm trying to balance my checkbook and get the house back in order since I've let everything go last week while I got to work and then crash at 730pm.

I don't want to go anywhere for treatment. Treatment for what?

you're not alone.