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Re: Clean but Depressed PLEASE ADVISE


Almost every one of us on this board has had to survive the HELL of withdrawal. Alone with your demons you are, and always will be, but not alone in experiencing the agony of detox. That is why you will find an understanding and insightful group here. Keep posting and get it out.

Knowledge is power, right? Research PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome), and know that the depression and lethargy will, most likely, come to an end (it did with me). A lot of it depends on how long you were on drugs. I know some good folks that have been on narcotics for so long, they don't remember the Joy that can be had with sobriety.

My DOC of choice, BTW, is Norco. I swear that it was harder coming off of that drug than it was to quit smoking. I will never forget. During peak withdrawals, I sat under the covers in my bed in the middle of the night, shaking, sweating, gagging with dry heaves, willing to sell my soul for my fix. I couldn't walk a straight line for three weeks. Total weight loss was about 25lbs.

Hang in there. You CAN do this. When my doctor told me it was going to be a rocky road, I felt like he didn't understand. Later on, during my recovery, we talked and he said that he really doesn't understand. His knowledge of addiction comes from the medical point-of-view. I'm lucky that my wife didn't leave me because she couldn't feel my pain and know that detox does end.


I have enjoyed reading your posts. I have a great admiration for any person that served or is actively surving in the US military...